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Our experts will support your organisation become Aware and Compliant 

Our data protection services focuses on compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 & UK GDPR.

Lets help you achieve your compliance obligations and implement a workable framework .


We will assist in highlighting risks relating to existing data protection documentations

We will work closely with you and tailor the service to your specific organizational needs.


We will help your organization navigate and demystify the privacy landscape ranging from data sharing agreements through to understanding data flows within your business.

We will and assist with building awareness and embedding data protection practices into you
daily operations.

✔ Outsource Data Protection Officer (DPO) 

✔ Data privacy advice and guidance
✔ Subject matter experts
✔ Policy and procedure reviews
✔ Data subject rights requests responses
✔ Data breach and incident management
✔ GDPR audits

✔ Record of processing activities (RoPA)
✔ Retention schedules reviews
✔ Privacy Notice and policy documentations
✔ Bespoke data protection training
✔ Data protection impact assessments (DPIA)
✔ Liaison with supervisory authority
✔ Redaction services

✔ Data sharing agreement 

✔ Business contracts reviews (data protection aspect of the contract)

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