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Sarsearon Consulting is a data protection consultancy and advisory service which supports businesses  to attain compliance in their daily operations and meeting their obligations under the Data Protection Act & UK GDPR. We understand that compliance and data privacy can be a minefield to navigate and having someone to provide guidance, support and advice is paramount to ensuring your business runs smoothly and giving you the peace of mind that your business is compliant in line with it's Legislated responsibilities. 

We have built a reputation for being transparent and forward thinking. We have assisted businesses since 2018 and are focused on meeting the needs of our customers in the changing landscape of data privacy.

Sarsearon Consulting - data protection consultancy

The core purpose of Sarsearon Consulting is to help your business build customer trust and this has not changed since the inception of the organisation and has remained the driving force behind what we do. We will ensure all steps are undertaken in the processing of personal information within your organisation, enhancing your brand reputation, compliance, build trust with your customers and ensure data is given proper respect.


Sarsearon Consulting is committed to providing excellent customer service by
sharing our learning and expertise to help build your business.

We are committed to providing:

  • Excellent customer service​

  • Extensive data protection and GDPR advice

  • Experienced data protection consultants

  • Cost-effective packages

Sarsearon Consulting aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive data protection advice with a structured and functional business administration framework and address all data protection related requirements.

About: Our Commitment
About: Our Processes


Sarsearon Consulting understands the concept of processing data and aligns our processes to ensure compliance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018 & UK GDPR. Our customers are the engine that turns the wheel, it is important to Sarsearon Consulting that our customer's needs and expectations are met with excellence at all levels of the service process.

Data Protection processes


"Sometimes you have to accept that you know nothing and you need to bring an expert on board. Sarsearon Consulting is an expert in what they do! This is an area that is easy to get wrong and costly to fix it you do. Engage expertise and rely on Sarsearon Consulting, you will not regret it 🌸"


The Academy of Women's Leadership

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