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Data Protection and Privacy Framework Projects

As a responsible business and data controller, you are required to implement robust approach in managing the personal and sensitive information flow within your organisation or business. Sarsearon Consulting will assist your organisation in identifying

  • The scope of information processed within your organisation's

  • Advice on implementing privacy structure and framework fit for your business or organisation 

  • The categories and nature of the data processed

  • Meet Article 30 requirements under the legislation 

  • And understand your end to end information life cycle 

Data Protection Impact Assessments Projects

 DPIAs are an essential part achieving compliance by considering the risks related to your high risk processing before you begin, this is an obligation under UK GDPR

Data protection impact assessment programs  include:

  • Assessing your project and identifying risks to the data subjects

  • Implement mitigating factors to reduce the risks of the project to the data subject

  • Implement mechanisms for reviewing and monitoring risks throughout the life cycle of the project

  • Ensure appropriate documentation  for accountability purposes

Data Protection and GDPR Audits Projects

We assist organisations in ongoing internal evaluation of your business practices, processes and procedures. Sarsearon Consultancy audit management programmes helps identify privacy gaps and make recommendations to plug identified risks and strengthen  your framework. 

Data Breach & Incident Management Projects

Lets assist you in putting a plan in place which will enable your business respond to any possible data breaches or incidents. We will 

  • Investigate personal data breaches

  • Assess and evaluate risks

  • Create and incident response plan​

  • Provide end to end management of incidents and breaches

  • Provide employee incident management training

  • Liaise with Supervisory Authority as point of contact for notifications

  • Liaise with data subjects 

Regardless of the size of your business, you will need to plan and put processes in place to respond to any potential personal data breach or security incidents. We will work to design a process that fits your unique business.

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