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Sarsearon Consulting Privacy Compliance Wheel Model (PCWM)

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Privacy Compliance Wheel Model is a #data #protection #framework UNIQUELY designed by Sarsearon Consulting to guide and help organisations achieve and maintain operational #compliance at all stages of personal information life cycle.

The model has been developed through essential learning from #operational errors and mishaps encountered over the years. This #model is an important perspective which has been proven to contribute to achieving compliance through embedding the core principle of data protection and ensuring an organisation's ability in demonstrating their ACCOUNTABILITY.

Let’s help you mitigate risks, plugging privacy gaps and fixing common problems encountered by your daily business activities and tasks. Organisations MUST strive to achieve and maintain operational compliance and Sarsearon Consulting will help your business build a solid framework by effectively connecting the spokes of the PCWM.

Data Privacy Compliance Wheel Model (PCWM)

Privacy Compliance Wheel Model (PCWM)

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